Thoroughbred Tokens and dSphere launch virtual horse racing game on the Polygon Network

“The future of racehorse ownership is here.” 

That’s how Thoroughbred Tokens, a new project on the Polygon Network, is billing itself, and with good reason: The project is the first virtual horse racing game on the blockchain and is using dsphere’s web3 technology.  

dSphere pre-minted 100 multiple edition NFTs (5 copies each) on the Polygon Network and placed them for sale on a customized NFT store page, branded following Thoroughbred Token’s guidelines. 

Each NFT corresponds to a real-world thoroughbred that has raced on the world’s most famous tracks. Each horse has unique characteristics, as well as upgradable metadata, meaning that the NFT can evolve as the horse races. Horseracing enthusiasts can build their dream stables, race their own thoroughbreds, and earn a profit while doing it. 

By connecting their Metamask wallet to the NFT Store, users have access to the store, where they can check stats and buy the virtual horses. Both the NFT store (primary sales) and the NFT Marketplace (secondary sales) were created by dSphere and integrated into Thoroughbred Token’s website. 

The Thoroughbred Tokens team is now focusing on adding game mechanics and developing the virtual horse racing game. The project is live on Polygon Network, and you can check it out here.

We are excited to see how this project develops and grows! Stay tuned for more information and updates. 

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