We empower game studios to launch the next generation of blockchain games with Cartesi

We are happy to announce that we’ll be working closely with Cartesi, home of The Blockchain OS: a decentralized layer-2 infrastructure that supports Linux and mainstream software components. Cartesi already paves the way for start-ups and their developers to build the next generation of blockchain apps and we are thrilled to join their efforts.

The goal of the partnership is to create tools and functions that will help game studios launch their games using Cartesi tech instead of other blockchain solutions. This will enable studios to release their blockchain games faster, and with less friction.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working on the details on how our partnership will benefit the game development community. For now, we encourage you to check out Cartesi’s website and join their Telegram and Discord groups to learn more.

We believe that this partnership will help reduce the barriers to entry for blockchain game development, making it more accessible and democratized. We are looking forward to working with Cartesi and seeing what the future of blockchain gaming holds!

Check out Cartesi’s announcement here.

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