Donnovan Andrews on Overcoming Web3 skepticism

2022 has seen a growing number of brands embrace Web3. From Duolingo and Heineken in the metaverse to Reddit’s NFT loyalty scheme, these brands are not afraid to allocate significant capital and become early Web3 adopters. The global metaverse market is worth $47.48B in 2022 and is set to soar to $678.7 billion by 2030 – so who can blame them?

But as tough economic times loom and skepticism creeps into Web3 discourse, the conversation is skewing. Crypto-market crashes, the FBI seizing $3.36 billion in stolen bitcoin, and Meta’s billion-dollar losses in metaverse technology leave many executives reeling at the prospect of Web3 when they are still coping with Web2. Many others are caught like a deer in headlights, unsure of which direction to go. Sitting on the fence is a risky move at the best of times.

In a Q&A with Donnovan Andrews, Chief Digital Officer at, we examine how skepticism may impact Web3 progress, and what benefits (and responsibilities) await those brands who are brave enough to take up the mantle of an early adopter.

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