Web3’s Impact on the Business of Media

Web3 is evolving the Internet in many ways. It will incorporate decentralization, blockchain, and a token-based economy. What should media and entertainment companies do to set themselves up for success as the blockchain ecosystem evolves at a rapid pace? Based on insights from the NAB’s Web3 Advisory Board at NAB and industry insiders, we will explore the key trends and show you how to implement your strategy.

Look at this group of beautiful people!

This is right after an amazing panel on how #web3 is changing the game for media entertainment at NAB Show New York, where own Donnovan Andrews met Linda R., Olly Jones, and Jesse Redniss for an insightful conversation.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and participated. We’re so grateful to have such a supportive community that is excited for the potential of blockchain technology!

Event’s details here.

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