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#Blockchain, #Games, and #Brazil – what a perfect match! (and they sound good together, too!)

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Carlos Estigarribia will be joining the BIG Festival in Brazil as a moderator for two different panels.

👉 In ‘Web3 Games Investment – How to fund my project’, Carlos G. Pereira (BITKRAFT Ventures), David Brillembourg Jr. (Dune Ventures), and Jing Yong Chia (Alpha Wave Global, LP), three VCs specialized in crypto investment, will share their visions about the current status of the crypto gaming scene, what it takes to create a successful title and what the strategies are to fund your project.

👉 In ‘Mobile Gaming Trends’, Carlos will discuss with RenĂ© Retz of Space Sheep Games the latest trends in mobile gaming, what new technology and business models app affect the mobile industry, and how studios should prepare for these changes.

This is a huge opportunity to learn more about the amazing potential of blockchain technology – (and we can’t wait to see what Carlos brings back from Brazil)!

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