Tiny Digital Factory and dSphere bring you the real driving metaverse

When it comes to motorsport games, few have the experience of the team at Tiny Digital Factory. 

An independent developer and publisher since 2015, they have been working on this genre for years, and they have a strong understanding of what makes a good racing game. And for the last two years, mainly thanks to their collaboration with Animoca brands, they want to bring that same expertise to the blockchain gaming industry with the help of dSphere’s technology.

Infinite Drive is a mobile first NFT racing platform and car enthusiast’s metaverse that allows you to collect cars from the most popular and prestigious brands, on web3. It will feature +150 officially licensed NFT cars, from +20 premium car brands with unique configurations and performance stats.

The game is still in alpha, with plans to be available early 2023. dSphere plays a key role in its blockchain capabilities, by providing API support for:

  • Solana wallet connection (Phantom) 
  • Fetching Token IDs from a specific NFT collection  
  • Reading and exposing Token Metadata

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow, it is more important than ever to have a trusted web3 partner. dSphere was able to provide key API support for Infinite Drive that is helping Tiny Digital Factory create the best user experience for their players. 

If you want to know more about how dSphere is powering brands and developers, check out our web3 SaaS platform. 

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