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NFTs are the portal to a new standard of brand-customer interaction. Establish a more direct and personalized connection with your customers. Connect your physical items to digital assets and create a robust brand narrative across both worlds.

Our web3 SaaS platform makes it easy through an intuitive interface and ready-made templates to create more interactive and engaging experiences for your customers.

• ​Create and launch your own NFT Drops
• ​Build and manage your own branded marketplace to trade and sell NFTs
• ​Take control of your design with a plethora of customization options
• ​Reward your customers by adding benefits to NFTs
• ​Engage your audience with gamification and loyalty tactics that span across web3 and the metaverse


NFTs and Play-to-Earn games are the next level of gaming evolution. Create engaging in-game economies and reward players for their achievements.

Encourage new gameplay mechanics that wouldn’t be possible with traditional game assets, and it is all possible without the need of in-house blockchain talent and specialized coding knowledge.

Our web3 SaaS platform provides all the tools you need to easily launch and manage a successful blockchain game.

• ​Web interface and APIs to build your own Drop campaigns & NFT Marketplace
• ​Unity plugin to auto-import and manage in-game items as blockchain assets
• ​Renting mechanisms for Guilds and Play-to-Earn Games
• ​DAOs to bring your community together
• ​Automated gamification and engagement solutions, Next Best Action Frameworks, and Pricing Optimization products


NFTs will improve the relationship between creators and their fans. Engage loyal communities of fans through utility tokens and be directly rewarded for the value you create. Incentivize quality content and build a more sustainable online economy.

Our web3 SaaS platform enables you to create a community-based blockchain social platform.

• ​Create NFTs that offer licensed access to digital songs, art and online content
• Reward your users for their attention and participation in your web3 projects​
• Share your NFT collections in a customized white label marketplace​
• Organize drop campaigns and let fans directly support the content they enjoy​
• Sell fractions of completed works as Fractional NFTs in exchange for unique perks


NFTs can be used to enhance the experience of event goers. Add an extra layer of immersion and excitement to any event by rewarding attendees for their participation with NFTs full of exclusive content, special features, or simply as a memento of the event.

Our web3 SaaS platform enables you to launch your own NFTs, create marketplaces and drop campaigns in a simple and cost-effective way.

• ​Create unique collectibles and memorabilia NFTs packed with utilities
• ​Host events in the metaverse and extend your happenings in the digital world
• ​Add fan experiences and exclusive content to NFTs through smart contracts
• ​Replace regular tickets with NFTs and POAPs that can be kept as keepsakes or resold as a collector’s item

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